Universal Campus Miyamaedaira School

English instructor 【part time】【アルバイト・パート】

掲載期間 21年07月02日〜22年02月28日

From Tokyu Railway Miyamaedaira Stn. approx 3 min on foot

1,500yen/hour (for class)

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  • 早朝
  • 夕方
  • 深夜
  • 駅チカ・駅ナカ
  • 大学生歓迎
  • 主婦・主夫歓迎
  • シフト制勤務
  • 時間・曜日応相談
  • 未経験者歓迎
  • 交通費支給
  • 平日のみOK
  • 語学力を活かす
  • 研修制度あり


Your role is to support children reach their dreams!
★ Support children’s growth!
★ Fun working environment!

At Universal Campus, we provide a variety of opportunities for kids to enjoy learning English.
You will gain teaching skills as well as better understanding of Japanese culture by creating special events with team members who are supportive and passionate.

If you have a passion for teaching, Universal Campus is the place for you!
We are looking forward to your application.


◎ Teaching English for all ages from babies to adults (Teaching mainly younger children.).
◎ Creating fun and exciting lessons. Deliver the curriculum and activities as relevant to the age and ability subjects.
◎ Curriculum Lessons
・Daily conversational English
・Writing, Music, Game, Storytelling
◎ Class types: Max 8 student/class
・Baby course (6 months to 6 years)
・Kids course (elementary 6-12 years)
・Junior high school and adults courses

1,500yen/hour (for class) *training period 1,400 yen/hour (for class)
1012yen/hour (for prep and office work)
勤務地川崎市宮前区宮前平2-15-33 辰巳プラザ1F
◆From Tokyu Railway Miyamaedaira Stn. approx 3 min on foot 
地図Universal Campus Miyamaedaira School
work location
勤務期間Long term workers welcome !
勤務時間◆Working hours
Every Tuesday 14:30~19:00
Every Thursday 15:30~20:00
Every Friday 14:30~21:00
待遇All transportation fees are reimbursed.
・Applicants who have native level in English
・Applicants who like to teach younger children English
・Able to work as part of a team and cooperate with members
・Applicants who have permission to work as a part time worker
・Able to commit to at least 6 contract month of employment
*No teaching experience needed
*No Japanese skills needed


応募方法Click 【応募ボタン】 and apply for our school.
Due to the large number of applications we receive, only potential candidates will be considered for interview. Applicants that pass the screening stage will be contacted by our recruiting section.
応募先Universal Campus Miyamaedaira School
担当Recruiting section






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